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My family and I have had some difficult journeys in our lives and one thing I have learned is that when I reach out to Montanans they always answer the call.

Please join us on another difficult journey because we can’t do this alone.

Meet Wilmot

Wilmot Collins is a refugee of the Liberian Civil war. He and his wife Maddie fled in the midst of one of Africa’s most brutal civil wars that killed over 250,000 people.

When they fled Maddie called her host family in Helena Montana that hosted her as a high school exchange student and they fought tirelessly to bring her back, eventually securing her a place in Carroll College’s nursing program. Wilmot had to go through the refugee process that took nearly three years. Two weeks before Maddie left for Helena, the couple found out she was pregnant with their first child and made the excruciating decision to split up their, now, fledgling family. The first time Wilmot met his daughter she was nearly 2 years old, at Helena Regional Airport. Wilmot has made it his life’s mission to serve the people that worked so hard to give him and his family a chance.

He has served Montana and the nation in the National Guard, US Army Reserves and the US Navy Reserves for over 20 years. During his career, he has worked as a teacher, at various organizations that helped troubled or at-risk youth, the VA at Fort Harrison, the Department of Homeland Security, and as a Child Protection Specialist at the State of Montana.

He is an adjunct professor at Helena College and is involved in various church organizations including his local church and church choir. In 2017, he was elected Montana’s first black Mayor. His approach to politics is different than most people that serve. He brings people of all stripes together to solve problems and hear their concerns. It is only through this approach that we can all solve the problems we face.

Mayor Collins lives his life by three rules and encourages others to as well.

  • Take chances.
  • Reach out to your communities.
  • Get out of your comfort zones.

It is only through this approach we can change the way our politics work. We can no longer put the hard questions off for later. Many of the hard questions of our time must be answered through community engagement and building relationships even with people that may disagree with us. The ability of the people to determine their self-governance is being taken away from them and we must correct that.

Accomplishments through this approach:

  • Wilmot secured the first public safety bond in nearly 20 years within the first 5 months of his term. Resulting in covering essential safety services provided by the Helena Police Department and the Helena Fire Department.
  • Made Helena safer by putting more first responders on the street and worked with businesses to acquire and start remodeling of a new Law and Justice Center.
  • Expansion of affordable housing opportunities for low-income individuals in Helena, including veterans, by working with local nonprofits and developers to install basic infrastructure for homes in the Self Help Program. This allows employers to actively relocate jobs to Helena and allows the City to spend less for those individuals in need.
  • Increased efficiency in government services including changing the way the roads were plowed during the winter months to both increase public safety and save the City money.
  • Made basic common sense infrastructure improvements to City facilities to improve efficiency and save taxpayers money in the future.
  • Moved the parking system in Helena from an old coin-operated approach to debit card-based technology. Providing more access to citizens to patronize downtown and local businesses.  

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